Ordered Crib…

We aren’t buying any of the fancy bedding to go with it, just using a crib sheet and mattress protector, etc. Are considering trying to get a ‘dust ruffle’ on the bottom made by one of the grandmas with some generic fabric from walmart in some bright colors/pattern. It should be in this week or next. Kind of early, but hubby’s getting anxious to get things ready.


  1. Dust ruffles are a pain in the ass. Seriously. When you change the sheet (sometimes three times a day… babies barf and sometimes their diapers leak) the ruffle has to be adjusted and readjusted 10 times to get it right. Unless of course you don’t care how it looks, and if you don’t care how it looks, why bother, kwim?

    Both of my babies were burrowers. They’d scooch until their heads were firmly squished into the corner of the crib. Crib bumpers are good.

    I bought a really cheap set, since being color-coordinated wasn’t that important to me.

    You look adorable.

  2. I like the idea of having a dust ruffle made. If you are worried about it sliding around with sheet changes, you could always have a homemade one with velcro tabs/rings underneath to keep it in place!

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