Registering at Wal-Mart…

was a royal pain. They didnt have any of the batteries for the scanners on the charger, so we had to stop 4 times to get a new battery. Needless to say we finally gave up. But we do have registries at least started at WalMart and Target, so if anyone is looking to buy us a present, they’ll know when we need. Okay, we need everything, but that is beside the point!

And, no, that’s not a plea for gifts, it’s just a statement of fact. I have baby showers coming up in 6 weeks, and time was running out for us to get everything done. Next weekend we have a company picnic for Matthew’s work and also we are visiting one of the area hospitals to see if we like it. It’s had a multimillion $ facelift just in the ‘baby’ area, in fact it’s a whole building and it’s fairly new so needless to say, we’ll probably like it okay. Goodness knows what else we’ll be up to in the coming weeks, so at this point, getting it done was probably a good thing.

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