Oh my aching… appendix?…

I would swear my appendix had grown back and was going bad again this week. It wasn’t quite to the ‘I can’t sleep at all and I look drugged from being so sick’ but it was close. Then I woke up in so much pain I almost cried. Then I burped. So I got up and burped for over an hour. Slowly I realized that about half my pain was gone. Note to self: Call doctor and see if you can take over the counter gas reliever, this had been more than 2 days. All other systems were ‘go’ so not sure why I was so full of bubbles. Glad they are gone though.

Notice I had said half my pain was gone. The other half was still there, and its the kind that makes it tough to roll out of bed (try rocking back and forth 3 times or so before I can heave my ’round’ self out of bed.) Getting up out of an office chair is equally painful, as is sitting on a toilet or attempt to clean oneself after using said appliance. The pain is located on the lower right hand side (appendix anyone?) of my gut.

This had now been hurting for 3 days and was making it impossible to do a bunch of walking around during the day, which I have been counting as my ‘exercise’ daily. So, I broke down and called the doctor. Eh hmm.. I can’t take any over the counter gas reliever, but they think I SHOULD be able to do a chest-knee position (kneel on the bed and then curl up fetal style with your chest on your knees) — umm excuse me? I have this thing called a pregnant belly there. Whatever. The other suggestion was getting in a rocking chair and rocking. Neither one is actually conducive to a work environment. For my ‘other’ pain, it’s apparently ligament pain and I am allowed to take as much tylenol as the bottle says, oh and I can ice it for 10 minutes at a time and sleep with pillows…? Huh? None of those is really going to fix it, but I guess there’s not really a fix for it. I expected this kind of discomfort you know like in the last month, not with almost 4 months to go. Yuck.

Oh and a couple of times, I’d swear I was randomly getting water on my shirt, but not aware of how. Research solved that too. At least it’s always been once I have my brassiere off at the end of the day and not during the day while I’m at work. Sheesh. Can anyone say moo?

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  1. Obviously I want you to listen to your doctor, but don’t Tums help with gas? I know many pregnant women who have lived on those. . . so you might want to check that out.

    Also? The position you talked about? It totally works and is actually the source of an inside joke between my college friends and I. Good luck, I hope you get some relief!

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