Nursery pictures…

The first picture is the top of the changing table, on it are a lightswitch cover (teddy bear) and 2 “masks” that were discounted from Michael’s craft store because the ‘holder’ had snapped off. I got them for half a dollar US. A close up is also the 3rd picture of the wooden masks. I will paint them, put googly eyes behind the holes and put them on the wall for decoration. Then you can see the see-through bins for holding baby stuff, the bright cheerful pails (also 50 cents apiece, I think), that will hold stuff or just serve for decoration or as toys later on. We bought the puzzle on sale from the ‘farm store’ — it’s a real wooden puzzle made by Melissa and Doug, I’d love to open it, but I really shouldnt, so it’s safely wrapped for now, and then the horse that was the baby’s first gift from it’s mommy’s mommy (my mom).


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