Super Bronco…

Because we will soon have a back seat passenger to go ‘wheelin’ with us in the Bronco, it requires a roll cage that covers the back seat (lest we roll over and the top crushes down) for protection, the roll cage, well its an endoskeleton (like bones) for the Bronco. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, it will be worth every penny should we roll the thing in the next 18 years and one of my babies is in the back seat.

Yes, I intend to allow the baby to go wheelin’ with dad. Why not? So soon, well once of course we buy new floor pans, get those installed (so there aren’t holes in the front floor boards), then the roll cage can go in. God willing and the Cedar River don’t rise again, well we’ll have it done by the time it’s time to put the car seat base in.

Super Bronco!

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