For his/her next trick…

The baby has figured out how to poke me in more than one place at once. Talk about blowing your mind. This morning it was a one-two poke in 2 locations, one on each side of my belly.

Makes me laugh so much– I didnt’ think it would be nearly that funny. And the look on ‘daddy’s’ face when he gets kicked is hilarious. Of course I’m getting used to it, but he’s only gotten to feel it like 4 times now, last night being the 4th and last week being 3 in a row.

I wonder what other new tricks we’ll come up with. I noticed we had not had hiccups yet, or at least that I could tell. I wonder when that sets in?


  1. Oh, I had forgotten about the poking in two places at once. Now that I know my little man, it makes complete sense with his personality, but it was so crazy before he was born. And hiccups? He still gets roaring cases of them at one year!

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