More maternity clothes…

Well, I finally have outgrown the last pair of pants I can ‘pretend’ would be okay for work. So I had to go get more clothes. It doesnt make me extremely happy, but at least I got them on sale. I found a pair of army green? shorts and a pair of those capris or whatever in a nice gray that’s suitable as dress pant material.

I really wanted a skirt but the only one in my ‘size’ wouldn’t have gone with anything in my maternity wardrobe, there was one more, but it made me look frumpy and I don’t need that. On the other hand, I got a tank top for less than $5 and as I keep stealing Matthew’s, it was probably a good investment.

So now I have chocolate brown and grey dress capris, green, denim and black shorts, and 2 pairs of identical maternity jeans in dark blue denim. Since I bought a dress and I found out I have another one I can still wear, then I will only have to wear each pair of pants twice probably in a week and then wear the shorts and such on the weekend. That will be nice, as I was wearing the brown capris like 3 days a week at least. I like having things that fit rather than things I can leave unbuttoned or can merely get into and aren’t comfortable. I actually feel accomplished for hitting the 6 month mark while still being able to wear some of my regular clothes.

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