Pregnancy Journal and Organizer…

i got this cool little journal thing when we went in for pre-natal counseling, or what have you when we just found out we were pregnant. I was scared to write in it until like the 5th month. Then I decided if I didn’t write in it, I never would.

It’s a pretty cool little thing, done by the ‘What to Expect’ series writers, I guess. Anyway, it has spots for journaling, doctors appointments, test results, daddy to chime in, what you’ve eaten and how much you’ve exercised (which I am steadfastly ignoring) — as well as spots for potential baby names and etc.

I like it because I can write ‘to’ the baby and eventually maybe let the baby read it when it’s all grown up!


  1. That sounds like a nice book. Aside from the blog, I keep journals for both my children, which I try to write in at least once a month. I hope they will appreciate them someday.

  2. I like that.
    For the first year or so I had a notebook that went back and forth to daycare (SIL) where we wrote little notes about the day in the voice of the Munchkin – some was what he ate or milestones or upsets or things – others were just funny little things. As he got more mobile and more verbal, and I stopped tracking all his food, it kind of tapered off. I miss it sometimes, but it is a nice record of that first year.

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