Family reunion…again..

So today was the family reunion. Everyone seemed to think I was ‘too big’ to be ‘just over’ 5 months pregnant. I got lots of ‘are you having twins’ and ‘are you sure’? Umm, yeah, thanks for pointing out I look like I swallowed a small watermelon. I have a large baby in my belly. It’s daddy was 9 lbs at birth. I have an assumption that this baby is going to be that big, no matter how little I try and eat or how much I exercise. Some things are just destined.

Some other things–I am still going to feel bad when my husband gets sunburned, even though I know he knows better, when I don’t offer him sunblock. Can you say lobster?

Illinois gets the short end on the stick with knowledge of politics compared to Iowa, either that, or I pay a heck of a lot more attention than your average bear, err… person.

Payback is great, when it’s a good thing. One family member noticed that I always helped in the kitchen, from teenage time on with whatever needed done for family things, and now she helps out when my mom hosts stuff. Payback. It was noticed and thank-you’s were said.

I have nothing in common with anyone but my husband, oh and my mother in some small amounts. Basically, I was raised by her, so we share common values. It makes me appreciate my hubby so much more when surrounded by people who are not, well, my people.

Who are ‘your people’ — and are you lucky to be surrounded by them, or are you forced to congregate with those that are not ‘your people’ most of the time?


  1. My husbands “people” become more and more “my people” every day – especially his mom. We’ve been married 14 years TODAY – and I get along so much better with his mom now that we live here 12 miles from them than I did when we lived 800 miles away.

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