Land, ho!…

We’re still trying to find our own property — to have a new house and a new place to live. We are looking as often as we can. There is one place we have yet to look at, because there’s already a ‘trailer’ on it, and we don’t want to deal with that. We want a house. At this point, though, we’re willing to ignore that and hope for positive things out of it (like there is already ‘rural’ water there, which is really city water in the country, from the google maps it appears there are already trees all around, there’s already a barn there, etc). We have yet to go see it. We shall see if it’s something we could fall in love with or not.


  1. sounds like an “established” lot -I hate these new developments that cut down all the trees and build huge houses that look so stark with no trees for shade or to soften them.

    I have an older home with old trees – LOVE IT!!!

    Good luck in the search!

  2. Thanks for the kick ass comment on my blog. It sounds like you raelly have your self esteem intact and that’s so important. I loved your response to your mom!

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