Delimma: Tell them their outfit clashes, or not?…

Okay, picture this:

A spring green top, aqua blue pants, an emerald green headband, and when she gets cold, a dark celery green scarf.

Do you tell her it doesn’t match, or just ignore it?

I’ll be the first to admit that for a long time I was color blind. I had to look at a color wheel and then observe a LOT before I figured out what went together. It really frustrated my mother because I couldn’t tell what went together and what did not. Even my husband was better at it than me, but I learned. But I can tell you 100% that I would NEVER have worn that combo together.

So should I have told her she didn’t match, or just let it go?


  1. I think it depends on who you’re talking about. Is it someone who would appreciate being told? Is it someone who’s so old that she doesn’t care anymore?

    I would let it go, usually, just because I don’t care what other people wear as long as it covers up the man or lady bits.


  2. In addition to it depending on who it is and your relationship with them, I think it also depends on where you are. Is she somewhere where she can change or is she trapped there in that outfit? If she’s stuck where she is for a while, there is no point in telling her because then she’ll just feel awkward and act weird and call more attention to herself and her horrible clashy outfit. Better for her to think it was okay (how much do these things matter anyway?) and then later you can steer her away from the same choice in a more subtle manner. “Ooh, I really like the way this top goes with these pants better, and how about this headband and scarf to accent it?”

    Did you enjoy “O Pioneers!”? (What is the proper way to punctuate that anyway?) I’ve been thinking of reading that one.

  3. ooh -that’s a tough one. Was this a stranger or someone you knew?

    I went out to lunch from work one time and saw this group of ladies crossing the parking lot – they looked like a scoop of rainbow sherbet. My co workers and I started laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants… and they probably thought WE were the crazy ones!

    All that green you describe would have fit right in!

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