Happy 4th…Fun facts..

Okay these aren’t about the 4th or July or any of that.. they’re just fun!

A clydesdale’s hooves are roughly the size of dinner plates. (Think about that the next time you sit down to a meal).

If a baby bird falls out of its nest, it’s a myth that the mother won’t take care of it if you put it back in (they just tell us that as kids to keep us away from the nests)– it worked on me!

The p*nis of a rhinoceros is 2 feet long. (hubba hubba)

The p*nis of a mosquito is a hundredth of an inch long. (no wonder they hate us so much!)

Dogs and cats have a gestation period of 2 months, rabbits, just over a month, and an elephant, 2 years!

All seafood is basically an insect (outside shell, meaty inside).

A zebra’s stripes are as unique to it as a fingerprint.


  1. Hmm.
    Reminds me of the old joke.

    What’s the definition of conceit?

    A mosquito with a hardon, floating down the river on his back, shouting, “Open the drawbridge!”

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