What is normal?…

Things are settling back to normal around here. Bunnies happily eating off the porch, birds emptying the bird feeder about every three days ( I SWEAR someone is dumping it)… Matthew working his tail off morning til night, me working all day and then crashing at night. Sports on tv, reruns for the summer all seeming boring.

Just another summer in Iowa. Ahh.. now how about some record heat and humidity? We’ve had snow, we’ve had rain, is it time to bake? Or will it be back to normal?

Next weekend is our visit home for a family reunion. I don’t think I’ve gone in about 2 years for various reasons. We may not go for a few years in the future for various reasons. And this one I pledged ages ago to help my mom with preparations. Guess we better show up, huh?

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