When it rains…

it pours.. you’ve heard that before right? When you’ve already traveled 2 weekends in a row (16 hours and 4 hours respectively), and you only have one weekend of a break before you have to do the 4 hour trip again, that’s when you’re invited to a friend of a friend’s house for the weekend for the holiday, oh and by the way they have a dog in the house and a new baby.. what?

Someone has a new baby and they’ve decided to have a houseful of people over, including strangers? I think not. We politely declined, citing the 3 trips in one month is enough rule. So we’re on our own again, as that’s basically my hubby’s only friend here and I don’t have any friends here.

Last year we watched fireworks from Ellis Park, which was flooded. Now they are having them in at least 2 locations in the city, but I dont know where either of them is, I suppose hubby does, so we’ll see if we head out there or not.

It really isnt the fourth without the danger of someone blowing their finger off.

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