Doctor’s visit…

We had our big doctor’s visit, as you can see by the pictures below. I finally quit losing weight and over the last month had gained 12.8 oz, and the baby was all measured and such and I was told weighed 11 oz. That certainly was a shock, although we’re thinking that perhaps the baby is a week older than we thought? Either that or it’s a BIG baby!

We love all the pictures that were taken, especially the ‘foot’ picture. The 3-d picture was interesting, but of course we didnt get a good snapshot due to the wiggler just laying there and wiggling. Feet and arms going crazy pumping up and down. Can’t believe I can’t really feel all that punching and kicking yet. I do feel something every now and then, but it’s just the odd poke or prod that I can’t really grasp that it’s happening until it’s too late. One of these days I guess.

It was really awesome to see the pumping arms and legs, really brought it home that there really is something in there, not that I didn’t know that already, but still, it makes it real to see the movement.

I won’t have another dr’s visit until end of July and then end of August, when I’ll have to do the diabetes test. After that I think I go more often, but at this point I’m kind of glad it’s still only once a month. I will from time to time have to see another doctor, but I know for sure my own doctor won’t be delivering my baby as she appears to be a little more pregnant than me. I’m hoping that there will be a woman on call and not some beefy fisted dude when I deliver! That’s why I picked a woman in the first place! Oh well, we shall see.

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  1. Those ultrasounds are just incredible things – to see what was going on inside was just a wonder!

    Don’t worry – you will feel plenty of jabs and kicks soon enough – inside and out!!!

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