More good news…

Pump #2 of 4 is up in Cedar Rapids, and people with odd numbered houses are getting to do laundry and dishes and such on odd days and even numbered on even days. I think that means we can officially quit worrying here on our small suburb about whether or not we flush the toilet. They were borrowing water from us and it looks like they may not need to for long. Awesome. Being dirty sure makes me cranky!

Oh and the water is still going down and people are being allowed back in their homes. More good news. Granted, everything is probably ruined for the most part, but at least they can confront the damage, make assessments as to what to do next, and start to move on. Life goes on. Even in the face of tragedy.

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  1. My computer has been down – but I have watched the news.

    I saw all the pictures and wondered if your house was floating down a river somewhere.

    I’m so happy to see that you are alive and well…. even if your laundry is dirty. (I feel so guilty hearing my front loader spinning happily away out there)

    You need anything?

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