I’m cranky beyond belief. Apparently business owners are still ‘watering’ their VERY green lawns EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT even though we’ve had a water restriction on that says only water to drink basically and get by with no other water. Hello, we’ve had 6 extra inches of rain in the last 14 days, do you REALLY need to water your lawns? In the meantime, the average households are using almost 70 gallons of water. Using their calculations, I would guess we’re using no more than 15. Sometimes, you just HAVE to flush, if you know what I mean.

As you may have guessed I’m out of a lot of my clothes. Okay basically all of them. I have enough maternity clothes to get me through one week. Guess who usually does laundry on Sunday? Yup, me, which means I have 3 shirts left. One is a tshirt I probably shouldn’t wear to work so I will wear that on Wednesday when we leave for our trip. Another is usually weekend wear as it is a tank top and the third is mostly long sleeve- not ideal. So this weekend I’m having to wear ill fitting clothes. The others M-W and then will do laundry in IL late at night before leaving early Thursday morning on our trip.

This is beyond insane. Everyone else goes about their merry water watering lawns, washing clothes, and I’m laying in bed gagging because my washcloths decided to go ‘bad’ this weekend and smell like mildew and my hubby washed up before bed. Bad, bad idea. Now I’m gagging because of pregnancy super-nose and can’t sleep. That’s why I’m cranky.

Yes, I’m lucky, yes I’m thankful, yes I’m trying to do my part. I imagine this would be a lot easier if I wasn’t carrying around another life form in my belly. For one thing I’d probably be out volunteering and not give a darn about whether I washed up when I got home. Now I just think, jeez, I stink and I have to go to work like this for 2 days and then travel (estimated time 4 hours +2.5 for a detour around closed roads to the south and east) in a closed up vehicle before getting clean clothes and then getting back in a vehicle for a 12 hour car ride the next day. No kidding. Hmm. Yup, feeling sorry for myself. I don’t do it outloud very often. I don’t find it’s very helpful but today, I’m feeling like a big old pity party with balloons (and a shower, for the love of God).

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