Nashville Star…

We watched part of Nashville Star last night, it’s like American Idol (or Pop Idol for the Brits), but with country music instead. Except, well, for whatever reason, about half of the contestants did NOT sing country music. They sang songs really not even fit for crossover (from pop to country) and did not even ATTEMPT to make them ‘country’ when they sang them.

That kind of ruined it for me. With the literally thousands, hundreds of thousands of songs available in country music from Taylor Swift to Tanya Tucker and Garth Brooks to Gene Watson, and the best they could come up with was ‘Drops of Jupiter’? Really?

Ugh. One thing that the judges (only one being a country singer, another a writer, and the third, a former pop star having run her course in pop music and finding out her sales were tanking, decided to cross over to country music, umm, sorry Jewel, just not cutting it)… said was that they were NOT looking for ‘a good singer’ — umm, what? Like we need any more wannabes out there as it is? There’s plenty of those in pop music. Britney Spears, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson (someone else whose fame is tanking and is trying to cross over), all wannabes that gained fame for platinum hair and a good back mix of beats. That’s all. I would not want to hear ANY of them without their back-up lip-synch tapes. Country stars should be able to hold their own, without back up tapes, without extra stuff.


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