What’s in a name?…

While buying a present for friends in Target, I overheard some whining, crying, old enough to know better kids demanding this toy and that toy. Their mom was whining in response. Telling them to ‘hurry up and pick something’ — but NOT that.. It was dinner time. I imagine the kids were starving and the mom just wanted to get out of there. But umm, the kids’ names? According to their expertly ‘coiffed’ via the 80’s model mom, Mercedes, King, and Maverick…

What’s in a name? Is a name reflective of the parents, the children, or lifestlye?

Certainly in this case it makes me wonder.
What about you?

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  1. OOhh – names -a whole science in itself! I think it is a combination of the parents and the lifestyle- since the kids usually don’t get much input into the naming process. But you wonder if the name influences the child’s attitudes as they grow? Hmmm – sounds like some interesting research – if only there were a steady paycheck in it.

    We went more traditional and conservative with our son – not that we are ultra traditional or conservative, but I could just not picture him out in the workforce in 25 years with a name like Denver or Hunter – sorry to anyone with those names, but just not my style.

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