Bubble Bath..

I recently ran out of some bubble bath that my hubby got me, oh say about 4 years ago. It’s kind of like this… Lavendar Vanilla Bubble Bath , what I got was from the store and in a different shaped bottle, but all the same smell and such. I’d used the other bottle VERY sparingly as it was pretty expensive I thought for bubble bath. It’s not something I do very often, because I dont often have the time or the inclination to put that much effort into getting clean, but it’s a nice treat. This stuff is also supposed to make you sleepy. So far it hasn’t done much in that way, not any more than warm water would do, but it’s nice anyway. I bought a new bottle while getting a gift card for my lil sis in law, who graduated from 8th grade. I thought a gift card to some smell good stuff would be just the ticket for going into high school.

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