dog problems…

my brother (who has always gotten his way), and his wife got a little yappy dog. they dont leave it at home, instead, from 8 am saturday – 5 pm appx and 11 am sunday -5pm appx. they take it out to my parents house and let it have the run of their place.

my parents have 2 labradors who are kind and gentle to people and other animals (okay, they will chase rabbits and such, but that’s a dog, right?) but this dog constantly growls and snaps and annoys, especially the alpha male dog and my folks are afraid that one day the alpha male is going to bite/hurt this little house dog. apparently he does react in some sort of way, my guess is by barking back at her (leave me alone witch).

my brother makes NO attempts to correct his dog for misbehaving, instead he corrects THEIR dogs. so since she constantly is doing that, now these dogs for 2 whole days on the weekend (their big time to run and play) are now having to be yelled at for HIS dog’s bad behavior.

I sent my mom a long email this morning telling her that she needs to protect her property and her animals and tell him to keep his little yapper at home. they only live 10 minutes away and could easily give her a potty break if needed, but an adult dog shouldnt need one for that amount of time.

of course i told my mom that she was being taken advantage of on many levels, but i didnt want to see her animals hurt because he refused to take off his blinders (he doesnt know anything about animals) and see that his animal is causing all the trouble. he DOES take advantage of my folks on a lot of levels. i tried to keep that part more neutral, but it’s true.

no matter what he’s always right. and that doesnt quite seem fair to these 2 year old labradors who just want to run and play with their ‘parents’ on the weekend. what do you guys think about this?

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