When did that happen?

I went from feeling fine (sick, but fine), a month ago, to now feeling, wow, I shouldnt really lift that heavy box. What? Me pass up a golden opportunity to show off my muscles? Dangit! Why!?! It keeps straining my “belly muscles” every time I try and do something like that. It’s annoying. The whole front of me tenses up and shoots little ribbons of pain across my stomach and ab muscle areas. It’s really quite annoying. I don’t want to be a helpless thing, I want things to be as close to normal as possible. I just figured if I could get past the nausea, week 16 and counting, that I’d be back to a bit more normal. Where’s the promised super duper libido? Where’s the promised ‘energy boost’?

Ack. Oh well. At least my hubby gets the irony of role reversals. And can laugh about it.

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