What do you do when…?

Even a glass of water smells bad? And it’s not bad?

You can’t stand to cook because of the smell?

Your husband ate something for lunch and you can smell it 10 ft away?

Dishes make you gag?

You’re at 15 weeks and counting and STILL can’t eat a decent meal, cook, or be near your husband half the time?

Anyone else go much over 12 weeks of the awful gagginess? Cause it’s kiling me. I can’t get anything done.

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  1. Ugh. I do NOT miss those days. For me, this lasted until I was around 16 weeks, I think. But, after that, new issues popped up. I HAD to eat every two hours–if I didn’t, I’d get the dry heaves. How fun, right?

    It’s tough, I know. But, hang in there. It WILL get better 🙂

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