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I’m going to try and keep things about me here and other things over at the meeces site. In case you’re looking for an update there. This weekend my parents came up for a visit, my husband had some other things to do that just happened to fall this weekend, so I gave him full rein to do what he wanted. Just because they were visiting didn’t mean he had to give up the fun things he wanted to do. Like take Friday to go help at an offroad park 3 hours away. Or go to a bachelor party most of Saturday night.
We didn’t accomplish a whole lot but visiting and checking out a rural-type community nearby. Wine, fudge and other little shops were involved. I missed out on the wine but had some fudge after we got back home. Not as good as mine, but not bad.
One thing that did get accomplished is buying my mom some flowers (which she planted as soon as she got home) for mother’s day. She bought me some clothes for my birthday, maternity clothes. I wasn’t anticipating needing them quite so soon (maybe by next week, or the next), but really, they are a bit more comfy than trying to stuff my expanding belly into regular clothes that I have to keep pulling down. Three shirts and a pair of shorts. I bought another shirt and pair of shorts and my mom-in-law got a tshirt, a dress shirt and a pair of pajamas for me. They are a little big and will have to be exchanged (just the pjs). Either way, I have quite a few shirts now that I can wear and most of them I can wear with a sweater or jacket to work or by themselves. Maybe not the one with Thumper on it that says ‘what’s kickin’ — that one may have to be weekend wear. Either way that should get me through the summer and then I’ll have to make some pant-investments this fall. I’m guessing I can just wear my dress pants unbuttoned with a maternity top over it and no one will be able to tell the difference at work for the next 2 weeks. If I work more I may have to do something else.

Here’s a pic of one of my new shirts. Looks like I needed it. Check out the meeces site for updated info.


  1. When you leave your pants unbuttoned, you can use a hair tie (or rubber band) to help bridge the gap. Tie a slip knot into the rubber band, in the middle. Put one loop through the button hole, and then fold the two halves together and loop them over the button.

    This ONLY works in the early months, but it does help… especially so you don’t feel like your pants are falling down.

  2. Erin’s right. There’s also some product out there similar to the rubber band method, but it will work throughout the pregnancy. Wish I could remember the name of it.

    I had 8 pair of maternity pants for work–I couldn’t wear anything over my belly so, all of mine had under the belly support. After I had Morgan, I didn’t want to get rid of my clothes, so I had a lot of them remade into non-maternity clothes. I’d spent well over $1500 on maternity clothes and hated the thought of them being given away or packed in a box so, why not have them re-made 🙂

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