Doctor Visit…

I did visit the doctor this week. It was a different doctor as mine was on call that day. Which was fine. I didnt like this new doctor nearly as much. She commented on the pedometer (step counter) and thought that was good, but in answering my questions, she was pretty abrupt and it kind of made the other 4 questions I had fly out of my head.

My blood pressure was ‘good’ according to the nurse. I thought the top number was high and the bottom low, but I guess it’s probably well within normal range. I’m just used to my numbers being somewhere in the neighborhood of 117/80. I’ve also lost 3 more pounds. I’m not sure if that’s a total of 5 or 7. I just know that I sure don’t LOOK like I’ve lost weight. At least with the new clothes ( see pic at right) I don’t just look ‘fat’– yeah!

I heard the heartbeat for the second time, this time it was a lot slower than the first. Again, I guess that was normal enough. The next time we go, it will not only be our anniversary, we will get to view an ultrasound. Woohoo! We’re not trying to find out ‘what’ it is, but a picture is worth a thousand heartbeats you know? That won’t be for another month, but things seem to be progressing right along.

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  1. Don’t you just hate how intimidating the Dr. can be? I started keeping a little notebook with me to jot down questions as they came up – and then I would just ask them from the notebook during the all of 2 minutes I actually saw the Dr. – it helped, especially later on as my short term memory went to pieces.

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