My sweetheart…

I just wanted to say that it really hit me this afternoon that my hubby is really a sweetheart. When we were first considering entering into parenthood, I knew he would be a good father. What I didn’t know is if he could be a good father and a good husband at the same time. I think those fears are put to rest. He’s done everything possible to make my first few nausea ridden weeks easier. If I couldn’t stand the smell of the sink, he’d wash up the few dishes that were waiting there, if I couldn’t cook, he would fix something I could stomach. He consoled me when the nausea hit and asked if there was anything he could do afterwards. And he’s been to every single doctors’ appointment (including the initial blood draw, counseling, and to hear the heart beat). He’s been more gentle and patient with me than I ever expected. Yet, I never felt coddled: he encourages me to stand up straight when my hips shift forward too much, to put on my own shoes (even if it makes me grunt), to always keep walking, and in general just make sure I’m comfortable while still encouraging me to do things that I can do for myself. He always says hi to me and shows me love, and sometimes he says hi to the baby for good measure. Today he said “we both love you” which I think is the first time I’ve heard that. I’ve said it a few times myself, along with lessons as to what this is and what that is (rabbit, squirrel, bird), but I hadn’t heard him say it. Sigh. What a sweetheart.

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  1. Awww…how sweet 🙂

    Girly, if you’re grunting putting shoes on NOW, just you wait until later down the road. Thankfully, none of my shoes tied so, I didn’t have to deal with that. I DID have to stand in front of the mirror to make sure my shoes matched, though 🙂

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