What’s up with tv shows?

okay, some of my favorite shows have given us humdingers in the past, but seriously?

Ghost Whisperer .. Professor Payne (the wacky academic spook guru who helps the whisperer figure out her clues).. says.. “Weird there are 6 of us, but only 5 shadows”…

umm, does that mean that HE is dead? Cause how else could he know how many people there were? HE can’t SEE ghosts… or is there something else spooky going on?

Bones.. Okay, so first of all they say that Booth (hot cop with chemistry galore with the title character) is dead, but of course he isn’t, the FBI just used it as a draw out to finally capture his nemesis.. fine

but seriously, ZACH (lovable geek who is clueless about life because he has spent so much time in a laboratory) is Gormogan’s assistant and has helped to kill the people that the creepy serial kill cannibal dude eats. Seriously? I’m glad he’s going to a mental ward but seriously? Him?

House…so House is the crazy, do it my way doctor that solves the mysteries and Wilson is his cancer-doctor sidekick friend who has bad luck in love. House gets drunk and calls Wilson for a ride home, and Wilson’s new girlfriend shows up instead, there’s a bus accident which House can’t remember, and they end up treating her by jogging his memory with shock therapy, but of course she can’t be saved.

Will Wilson ever get a break?

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