Housing stuff…

Today we went and looked at model homes nearby. On our way to one place, we found another so we stopped by. They had a beautiful kitchen (I believe I said something to the effect of the mothership was calling me home) in one model, but it’s way out of our budget. The good news is that according to their literature and website, they can put any feature in any home, as long as it’s not an ‘addition’ and it would just go in, that they could put it in a bigger home, smaller home, etc.

The other place had some nice stuff and some were definitely cheaper, one I liked a lot and it wasn’t too bad, but of course it was a ‘manufactured’ home, and it had a big notice on the counter top about formaldehyde content (you know the stuff you pickle frogs in for science projects, aka the stuff that is in those Katrina trailers making the kids all sick, and our government is just telling them to ‘open the windows’)– yeah, that stuff, so I decided that maybe that wasn’t the way to go.

Tomorrow we’re going to go look at a show home that’s in the SW side of the city, there they are doing a giveaway for $150,000 towards a new home. Kind of like those things where you can use one of a thousand keys to try and unlock the car and if you do you win the car? Those sorts of things. I told hubby we had nothing to lose and what better way than to spend a Sunday afternoon than running by and seeing a gorgeous house?

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