Magazines Part #3

Well, I finally got a web-cancellation availability from one magazine I was subscribed to, with a block where I could write in why I was cancelling (and I did).

The other one never gave me that option, or a phone number of anything. Just increasingly rude letters. The last one said that they were concerned they they couldn’t fulfill my magazine order because I hadn’t “paid my obligation, for the continued subscription I had requested”.

I took their stupid letter and wrote on the bottom and all over the back of it just what I thought of their stupid continuous service plan, told them that I would never be a subscriber or buy their magazines again UNLESS they discontinued this wasteful, ridiculous plan that asked for payment for another whole year before they’d even given me HALF of what I’d paid for yet. I told them they weren’t fooling anyone and that if they’d simply sent one renewal with their final magazine I’d have paid up and been a continued customer, now though, they have an angry, unsatisfied customer out there spreading the word about their stupid plan and how it demeans their customers.

I don’t know about you, but if I bought ANYTHING and paid for a year, I would not turn around pay for another whole year’s worth after 6 months. That way, I would be paying double the price when they hadn’t even delivered half the product. No way. Today, consumers have to be smart and outspoken about unfair business practices. That’s the only way things are going to change.

I stood up. How have you stood up to corporate greed, unfair practices, or ridiculous rules?

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