Land, ho!…

Last night we went with a realtor to look at some properties about a half hour outside of the city. They would be close to my husband’s work.

One of them was 10 acres of straight cornfield, kind of umm, NOT good for putting a house on.

The other was part field and part creek/pasture/treeline.

There was enough room to put a house of course in just about any spot, but the deal breaker is probably the cost, land is expensive and even that far outside of town, sellers are ‘worried’ that someone is going to build a development, so that they’d get ‘gypped’ out of their money, so they put exhorbitant prices on the land.

Which stinks when all you want is a little plot of land to put a house on, maybe raise a cow to put in the freezer, and let your kids know the freedom that you knew as a kid.

Sigh. Well, there’s plenty of time, I suppose, so we’ll just have to keep looking.


  1. There’s 20 acres across the street from me that is currently being rented to another farmer. There’s a nice creek out the back and a nice little hill to put a house on.

    Oh, wait, New York is probably too far for Hubs to commute, huh?


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