Job possibilities…

For my own reasons, I’m preferring to work ‘temporary’ assignments lately. Life is just too unpredictable to get tied to a job right now. Nuff said. Anyway, I was frustrated because I hadn’t heard back from Office Team. No more. I had an interview and testing with them yesterday, and I’ve had 3 job offers before 24 hours had passed. How you like them apples?

This is NOT a paid post. Seriously. Three offers so far and the day is not over yet. For various reasons (job too far away or weird hours) I haven’t taken any of the 3, but that’s okay. They consider me (get this) a “stud” because I have such awesome test scores. How cool is that? So they’re ‘pimping’ me out to everyone that calls them for temps. These people are efficient and go-getters. I would work for them if I had the credentials. Aweseome.

I have no doubts that something with enough $$ to make driving a second vehicle worth it will come up very soon.

Anyway, toodles. I’m having an awesome day!


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