Distance Learning…

Have you ever wondered about taking college courses from home? I have. Whether it’s Marketing Courses to promote a side business you have or entrepreneurship classes to launch a business, almost everyone can benefit from learning at home. Not only do you have the comfort of your own living room, and pajamas, but you also save time, money and of course a little effort in driving and parking and hiking to a classroom.

This type of learning is ideally suited to someone who is interested in changing careers, wants to move up the ladder, so to speak, but does not have the day time hours to invest in classes and wants to pursue their interests on their own time, someone who has family commitments that keep them from dropping everything and heading to class, or even if you just like to study outdoors!

Having been to a four year university, and also having been employed by one, and also a small four year college, I think that online learning, especially distance learning is the wave of the future. It simply seems to cost too much to keep food, shelter, and varied activities going to keep those feisty eighteen year olds out of trouble, and costs keep going up every year. Why should you pay exorbitant fees for Friday night parties you can’t attend, when you could be paying just for what you need, your classes and that’s that? What if you could skip all that and do your homework when you felt like it, around your work schedule, your baby’s nap time, or your teenager borrowing your car to go out every night?

We have a Kaplan here in Cedar Rapids, and they focus only on today’s hottest trends in employment: business, health care, and technology related fields. What could be better than a degree in one of the ‘now’ fields? Kaplan is a worldwide company with an online higher education division in the UK as well. I’m sure my friends over in that area of the world can attest to the good of higher education as much as I can!

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