Fun Monday… I need a Hero!…

Kitten is hosting Fun Monday this week! Her assignment is this: Our assignment for this week is…Tell me about the Super Hero in your life. Not from TV, but anyone that has been or is in your life that you have really looked up to or has made a impact on your life. It can one or many. You can share pictures if you like. Just have fun with it.

I would have to say the women in my family that went before me. Let’s face it, the men have it easy. The women? Well they work, have kids, go back to work, keep up the house with no help, then when the kids are gone they take care of ailing family members, volunteer, take in grandkids, organize parties, and do everything they did before. Amazing.

I’ve learned a lot without even realizing it from my female family members. I have an aunt who took us in for a vacation with her grandkids (wide age range in my mom’s siblings) and always had about 3 or 4 kinds of soda and ice cream available.

My mom? Well who can list all the awesome things about her? Not me, it would take way too long. Let’s just say she’s awesome and leave it at that.

I have an aunt who would buy extra food if it was on sale, and when her pantry was full, she’d tuck it in other places. She always makes way too much food and it’s all good.

My grandmother would always just pick up some stuff, random stuff and bring it with her when she visited. Loaves of bread, bunches of bananas, just little things to round out a meal and feed us hungry kids who had bottomless stomachs.

I have another aunt who sent us random packages, granted, not very often, but sometimes a treat would show up in the mail.

As for me? I always get extra treats when someone comes over, have a full pantry, make way too much food when a little would do, never go anywhere empty handed, and I’ve been known to save soup labels and egg cartons for my nieces and nephews school, they always get a birthday card with a little something in it, usually with a happy face sticker and sent TO THEM so they have mail to open, and though I haven’t sent a bunch of packages, I have shown up with cupcakes just because it’s saint patrick’s day, or packed my purse full of candy for them to have a nibble between church and lunch. There’s also always something interesting like a peppermint or piece of gum for them to have to keep their little brains occupied when the sermon gets too long. And guaranteed whoever sits by me eventually gets into an ‘animal drawing’ contest on the back of the bulletin.

Basically? I think all the women in my family are awesome, sometimes just for one thing, or sometimes for a whole host of things. Really, though? I’m just glad that I’ve picked up some of their habits, because I think if I think they’re awesome, then other people do too.


  1. I hear you on the women in your family. That is an inspirational post.

    The women in my family have had to be strong in a way that actually made them flawed – would be awesome characters in a book.


  2. How fun!! Though it sounds a bit like me!!! I send packages unannounced..I also keep candy and little toys in my bag..and drawing I love to see what the kids will draw!! I love your post!!

  3. I think what you describe would fit the women in many families~ although I acknowledge some do it better than others~ lovely post πŸ™‚

  4. The women in my family are amazing too – but you’d never know it from all the loud posturing of the men…

  5. You just described my grandmother perfectly. My mom’s the same way. I think I’m also destined to walk down the same road.

  6. Love your post. πŸ™‚ I know the women in my family especially on my mom’s side are very strong women. Work hard, clean hard, and play hard. πŸ™‚

  7. The women in your family sound a lot like the women in mine. I don’t think I inherited those genes though. I never have anything in my purse for my niece.

  8. Let’s hear it for the women that came before! And thank them for teaching us how to support each other and do those small acts of kindness that mean so much.

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