Who needs sleep? I DID get an extra hour of sleep this morning and I tried to get a nap this afternoon. I did but woke up feeling kind of yucky, I think the storm front is moving faster than it’s supposed to.

I filled out an online application for Office Team yesterday to try and get a job. They seem to be kind of slow like molasses. Oh well. Then I called back to tell them I was done (per their request) and even though the guy said I could talk to anyone they still hemmed and hawed and put me through to his voice mail. He wasn’t even the first one to call me, another girl was. The third girl apparently didnt have time to deal with me, I don’t know. Anyway, he was out of the office so whenever ‘he’ got back he would review my stuff and get back to me. Keep in mind I’d already submitted a resume. That should have told them enough as to if they had anything for me or not.

Anyway, now I’m kind of sitting by the phone waiting. I was going to go for a walk but I dont know if I need to be by my computer or not and it’s been almost an hour. The guy ran out ‘for a minute’ — gee, I guess I should have asked what time they thought he’d be back.

I guess maybe the temp arena is slow this time of year. Or it could be the economy. The REAL big problem is that it’s probably going to cost half my salary in gas, okay, maybe 1/3, just to get there and home again. We could use the money, though, so I’m waiting, waiting, waiting…


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