Safe landing, upgrades…

So hubby landed safely (both times, layover in Ohio), I was just starting to get that sick feeling in my throat when he called to say he was in his hotel. Umm, a different hotel. They overbooked his hotel so they put him up at the Ritz for the night. No kidding.

They parked his car and took him over there, and they’re going to shuttle him back for a complimentary RESTAURANT breakfast (no donut for him!) and then hold his luggage until his room is cleaned up and when he’s back for the night then he’ll be where he was originally supposed to be.

He said the people were really nice, and the second hotel was even nicer, attempting to hold the doors (for a 6ft near 200 lb dude, seriously?), and I was like, umm dear, you ARE in the south.
Oh yeah… he didn’t think about that. Sheesh.

Anyway, by the time he got in, looked around and called me, he was ready for bed, which was about the time I myself was ready for bed here. I hope he slept like a rock. I know I did pretty well, I stuffed the decorative pillow sham underneath the covers like his torso was there and did just fine. Of course I woke up just before his alarm would normally go off (doh) so now I’m awake! I was kind of hoping to sleep in a little bit, but then I started coughing and needed a drink of water and by then my little eyes had sunshine in them and were wide awake.

He’ll be traveling again Friday night (no stop this time so it will be quicker) and should be home just in time for bed. He’s going to have the airport service bring him home so I dont even have to attempt to drive in the dark, yeah!


  1. It is sooo hard for me to sleep when my hubby isn’t next to me at night. I guess those cuddly men become a habit?

    Try not to get too lonely.

  2. Is/was he at the Ritz in Buckhead across the street from Lenox Mall? If so, he’s approximately 2 blocks from my office. Tell him to enjoy! I’ve had dinner there once (a sales rep took a group of us when I worked at a former job many years ago – I certainly couldn’t afford to take myself there) and the service in that hotel is amazing.

    I hope he enjoys his stay here. It can be wonderful but sometimes things can be chaotic, nerve wracking and a giant pain in my hometown.

  3. NIIiice on the upgrade! I love when places do that, go above and beyond. And awwww on you putting that pillow by you to make up for hubby being there. So sweet how much you miss him!

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