Call me Ishmael, er Fido…

I live “in town”. I grew up “in the country”. In the country, I expected that if I went for a walk in the late spring or summer, that I might have to fight some bugs.

I did NOT expect what I found last night. I walked into a small nature area 2 days ago just far enough in to smell the smells (it was too wet to keep walking)…but it was enough.

I had kept finding crusts of blood underneath my fingernails but I figured that somehow I’d inadvertantly picked my nose or a scab in my sleep (hey, unconscious, right?) and gotten some blood.

What I did NOT count on was that little jaunt in the woods leaving me with a parasite. Yup, behind my ear, just like Fido, I ran my hands through my hair (underneath where my glasses rest), there was a tiny tick attached to me. Of course, growing up in the country and spending half my life picking ticks off of various dogs, I knew immediately what it was and the reason for the black crusty stuff under my nails, I’d been scratching at the ‘tick dirt’ and didn’t even realize it. Dammit. I told my husband to come over here ‘right now’ and take the tick off. Sure enough, I was right. Luckily, it appeared to only be what I call a ‘dog tick’ and not a deer tick, but I am going to google to be sure.

Guess I’ll be sticking to concrete from now on.

On the other hand, my husband got to do a full investigation of all the areas a tick might hide, and if you’ve ever heard Brad Paisley’s song ‘Ticks’ — there’s a reason the guy wants to check her for ticks. It involves taking all your clothes off and becoming very touchy feely.

Just call me Fido…


  1. LOL! I love that song. I don’t worry about the ticks. I’d rather get Lyme disease than never be out in nature again.

  2. eww eww eww

    I cannot stand ticks. LilBro does spring yardwork for people and gets ticks on him every day. Meanwhile, I have the constant itchies just from hearing about one.

    Last year, I must have missed a tick on one of my dogs. They get checked thoroughly every day. My dogs sleep with me at night and one night I woke up because I felt something creepy on my leg. It was a tick. I couldn’t sleep for nights after that.

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