What’s up with hotel specialty rates?…

While researching a possible trip to Florida later on this year (finally a real vacation?), I ran across ‘specials’ for various things, including golf, romance, spa and something called ‘babymoon’ packages. These are trips that you take when you’re pregnant as a getaway before the baby is born. A second honeymoon I guess? The ones I ran across usually offered something like a massage or breakfast in bed, ice cream or a movie, something like that, but something that almost ALL of the ones I clicked on (don’t you hate it how you get sidetracked like that?) — offer a bottle of champagne. Umm, hello? If you’re pregnant you’re not supposed to be drinking. Dorks. Also the prices were pretty outrageous for no more ‘extra’ that you ‘get’…

You can get basically the same package labeled as romantic instead and it’s 100$ less per night. What gives? You get pregnant and you are automatically supposed to be stupid? Sheesh! Why would you pay that much more for an ice cream bar or chocolate dipped strawberries? Good grief!

Actually the most reasonable packages were ones where you do stuff ‘outside’ of the hotel such as golf. Personally? I think I’d rather just upgrade from a Days Inn or Holiday Inn to a nicer hotel suite and forgo their breakfast in bed package for an extra $500 on top of your room (that’s actually what one of them says “$500 on top of your room charges”)… for ONE massage, One breakfast and some berries? I think not!


  1. That’s insane. Your husband could give you a massage, you can order room service and eat it in bed, and go to a local grocery store or farmer’s market and get some strawberries and chocolate! All for what? $20? Versus $500?? They must be smokin’ crack. 😉

  2. It is amazing what some motels charge! We stay in a lot of Comfort Inns and Country Inns and they offer program to earn free nights. So we use many free nights to do stuff. Like when hubby works he stays there and the company pays. Often it’s a stay two nights get one free kinda thing and we save up our free nights for our little getaways or putting my parents up when their great-grandchild was born. 🙂

  3. “and some berries?”

    That really struck my funny bone. 🙂

    Just as an FYI the hotel rates go down the first of May in FL. It’s an off season. We leave for vacay May 4th and we are getting a one bedroom suite for $89 a night in ORLANDO! Not bad.

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