Fun Monday: Moments…

Southern Doll asks: What have you done in your life that was worth doing? I want to know the moments in your life that you hope will be the ones to pass through your mind when your time comes.

The first thing I must say is that for me, life is FULL of these moments I would want to remember, from the times I stood up for myself or someone or something I believed in, to seeing a little rabbit munching on corn on our little patio, these fill me with such joy, that I feel like I am blessed. A smile breaks out over my face for seemingly no reason, and my heart swells and I see God’s work all around me. Of course, a few are special, and here they are:

1. Marrying my husband–when you really feel like you’ve found your soulmate and someone who will make you happy forever, I mean what can get better than that?

2. Trek-I sponsored/raised a puppy that was supposed to go into the Leader Dogs for the Blind program. I taught him obedience, took him to speak to groups around my county, and into stores, banks, schools, all to socialize him for his future work. He passed all of his tests with flying colors. Unfortunately, he had hip dysplaysia and was rejected from the program. After many crying days, mom relented, and he came back to live out his life with us. It was a short life, only 10 years, but what a sweetheart and a great dog I raised. I am very proud of all my work with dog training, and hope someday to have the chance again. You can see a picture of Trek here he’s the white colored golden retriver. He’d just gotten a summer haircut, that’s why he’s not fluffy!

3. College activities-Wow did I spend a lot of my college time doing ‘activities’ — so much so that when I finished my senior year, my advisor said that when I got to heaven that there’d be a gold star by my name and that the name of my organization would be by it. This from a cranky dude who made everyone cry (except me, I never screwed up, ha!)… anyway, those are some of the best GROWING moments of my life. I really changed and became a better person through those moments.

4. Appendix-Wow, did having my appendix rot away inside me ever change my life! I found out how much weight I was actually carrying — housework, laundry, regular work, plus helping out my folks, and how much of an independent I really was, and how much I hated being an invalid when I was used to being so much on my own. I couldnt tie my own shoes, for the first couple of days couldnt even take care of myself after I’d used the toilet. It was very sad and I learned a lot about myself though that. I also learned how fearful I now WASN’T of death, secured my faith in God on a much deeper level, and vowed to live life and not worry too much about things anymore. It’s made me such a better person that I can’t describe it.

5. Riding Horses- This one is just for fun. I loved riding my horse and feeling the wind in my face and blowing through my hair, just one on one time communing with an animal that could really hurt you if they wanted to, but who was gentle as can be, like a loving mother. Some days, like I bet today is going to be, it’s just warm enough to feel warm with a jacket on, but if you were riding you’d need it for the breeze, I can almost smell the horseflesh and feel the soft nuzzle on my hand or bump on my face when she was trying to get my attention. I can feel myself flying over the fields.


  1. “Wow, did having my appendix rot away inside me ever change my life”

    This phrase caught me off guard and made me laugh. Not a funny thing that happened to you AT ALL. But the way you worded it just slayed me!

    I love the story about your dog. It’s a shame he was rejected but the loss was your gain! And I have some great memories of riding horses at my Grandfather’s house too. I completely understand.

    Be blessed.


    Oh, and I will get with you on the Lasik thing – the BEST decision ever for me.

  2. Coping with the aftermath of illness is often a life changing experience.

    Horse riding is so uplifting, you describe it beautifully.

  3. This was great to read. Your choices are so powerful and special. I too had my appendix out – I was 19 weeks pregnant and more worried for my unborn baby than myself. Makes you realize their are more important things in life than worryinag about evey little thing. Thanks for reminding us!

  4. Great list! The appendix one struck me – sometimes it isn’t until you feel bad that you realize how grateful you are to feel great.

  5. I think it would be impossible to give up a puppy but glad there are people you like you who can give all that love, time, and care for someone else. And nothing like nearly dieing to help you realize how very much you do each and every day.
    Thanks for Sharing

  6. Of course all of we died in the wool dog lovers are going to love the story of Trek, L’M. How old were you when you were doing the training? Lucky for Trek, he had a home even though he wasn’t able to work, but their lives are never long enough, are they?

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