A tree farm?…

Well, my hubby is thinking that he likes his job, his workplace and his co-workers enough to stay. He thinks maybe he thinks long term. Well, I guess that’s good? In which case, we need to get out of this apartment and find a real house to live in.

We saw some land for sale in the paper so we took a drive to see it. Apparently? It’s either half or the full monty of a Christmas tree farm. About a mile from a river. Most of it appears to be old growth, big trees that smell piney and fresh.

The problems? No creek, which we’d like, and it’s all apparently on SAND. We don’t know what to do with sand. We were raised on good black earth of IL. And pine needles. There are cows nearby, which may smell in the heat, and it’s down a bit of a gravel type road. No “regular trees” which we are used to. It’s also 45 minutes from Matt’s work.

The good things? We saw 2 hawks, a cotton tailed bunny, and evidence of deer and turkeys (we’re guessing). There are old growth trees all around the property, except on the back side, and that’s bumped up next to a field. In theory? We could cut a small swath in the trees and put a house in the middle of all those trees and have insulation winter and summer. Also? No one would be able to see us if we decided to dance outside n@ ked.


  1. Speaking from experience here in good ol’ NC, cows don’t just smell in the summer. It’s all the freakin’ time. They always seem to be less smelly in the Springtime though because my nose is stopped up from the pollen. hee hee 😉

  2. Love the idea of living on a Tree Farm. I’m picturing pointy topped Christmas Trees, all around! I’ll be interested to hear what you all decide.


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