Kids Chores A Lost Art?…

When I was a kid, I HAD to do chores. They may not have always been the same thing, but I still had to help out around the house. And I DID NOT get paid for it. How about you? With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s nice to have a list for your child to see, “check” off or use stickers to indicate that their chore for that day is complete. Don’t you think? Lots of parents now use these as bribery, I am NOT going to comment on that. Did you know that there are even printable chore charts now? One thing I will say is that chores, no matter what they are, especially if they are age appropriate are GOOD for your children. When I was a kid, my chore list probably would have consisted of: take care of animals, unload and reload dishwasher (when we had one), set the table, help in the kitchen, and help clean off the table. Guess which things I do AUTOMATICALLY as soon as I “go home” again? You guessed it– I take care of the animals, and do everything with the dishes, without being asked. My mom and I work in concert in the kitchen. It’s kind of nice. I even have my husband about half kitchen trained (7 years) and I think that’s good progress. I guess those chores were good for me, weren’t they?


  1. I think chores are great for kids. I have one kid that just refuses and I can take away everything and she still doesn’t do them. Guilt works about fifty percent of the time. My other two kids are great with their chores.

  2. The Munchkin (3) is just starting to learn some chores -and loving it! (so is Mommy!) – I was the youngest and always envied the bigger and better chores that my older siblings had – until I grew into them, then it was teen angst and chore ugh all rolled into one.

    But I am the same way -when I visit home my chores are the first thing I do without thinking!

  3. The chore charts have never worked very well here. My kids do have to help out and they do not get paid for it unless it is something really extra or something I would normally do. They also don’t get a regular allowance.

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