Stop what you’re doing and watch this…

No, seriously. It will take about 45 minutes, but it is SO worth it. I’ve been yakking on and on about Eli Stone and now it’s time for some of you to talk back. If you don’t love this show, well then you just aren’t an awesome human being. Seriously!

That’s the abc full episode player, if it doesnt work, go to, you’ll have to install the player, which is perfectly safe, and won’t cost you a thing. Come on, here’s the one I want you to watch: “Waiting for That Day” 04/14/08 Eli foresees an earthquake and sues the city of San Francisco to save it.

Come on, a lawyer with a brain aneurysm sues his own city based on a vision he had, in an attempt to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge for a couple of hours (at rush hour)… one of his law firm’s partners attempts to oust a senior partner because of his continued tolerance of Eli’s –breaking out in dance numbers at inappropriate times and sticking up for the little guys’– ways.

Please, please watch this episode and come back and comment. I am DYING to hear someone else’s take on this episode.

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