Home, sweet smelling home…

Okay, so our house doesn’t always smell great. Sometimes, due to what I’m cooking, it smells wonderful, and sometimes, well it just smells like house. One thing it NEVER smells like? Smoke. We live in a smoke-free apartment, which for two people like us, is great! My husband smoked for a few weeks while he was a pre-teen, until his mom made him smoke a pack until he turned green. I never smoked, not once. All four of our parents smoke or have smoked in the past. Mine? Don’t do it in the house anymore. His do. Guess where we stay when we visit? You guessed it. My husband is actually allergic to smoke. I just can’t breathe around it. I have started staying away from people who are smoking because it makes me cough and wheeze so much. If we did live in a place where people had smoked before, then we’d have to go through air cleaner ratings and get a purifier to clean out the house, because no matter how much you try, you just can’t get that out of the air unless you completely air out the house, wash the walls and ceilings. Trust me, my parents did that and I am blessed every time we go to their house that I can breathe and not have to suck in lungs full of smoke. Now in the 2 states we have lived in they are passing or have passed laws requiring inside communal areas to all be smoke free. Yippee! P.S. This is not to shame those who do smoke, I can’t stop you, but I hope you stop yourself!


  1. I think that is funny that his mom made him smoke to get it out of his system. That seemed to work pretty well in his case!

  2. My parents smoked until I had kids. What really bugs me is that some cities up here and becoming smoke-free which means any place with a roof and four walls. I think it should be the business owners choice to allow or not and then people’s choice to go in or not. You know?

  3. Or, people could choose to smoke outside or in their vehicle, or their own home, and allow their servers, waitresses, and other patrons to breathe clean air. For YEARS, hospitals, churches, city buildings, grocery stores, retail outlets etc. have been smoke free and no one complained. From our estimation, someone can step outside for 2 minutes to smoke, where it can dissipate (JUST like they would at any of the above places), or wait until their dinner is over, you know? Look at it from a pregnant woman’s point of view. She puts her baby at risk if she goes out. Period. As to letting business owners decide? Why should someone who doesnt smoke have LESS of a choice than someone who does? That’s like making non-smokers second rate citizens.

    Smokers here say its their ‘right’ to smoke. I disagree, as it’s not in our constitution or bill of rights (last I checked), BUT with rights come Responsibilities. It’s my opinion that it’s about time we asked those that choose to smoke to show some responsibility and not make everyone have to deal with it because they make that choice. You know?

    They are offering smoking cessation to people here for free, which is nice.

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