Fun Monday: My Life Through Photos

Nekked Lizard People are hosting Fun Monday this week, here’s the rules: FIVE PICTURES – FIVE WORDS PER PICTURE.Any 5 (FIVE) pictures, any subject, and any 5 (FIVE) words to describe and/or explain each picture.

Shared life, home and love.

Making gifts IS the fun.

Cooking sustains our family traditions.

Friends always make you smile.

Nature, God’s gift to me.


  1. What an eclectic group of pics. Love them all, especially the first one, the second one, the third one, the fourth one, and the fifth one.

  2. How sweet–the little plump bird in last photo. The birds are our main promise of spring right now–still cold and rainy here. Looks like you chose a perfect spot for a wedding. Loved the simplicity of this photo.

  3. I did something similar, though it’s not obvious. Mine are in chronological order of times in my life.

    So… did you MAKE that bread? It looks yummy!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Growing up my brothers and sister and I had candy cane ponies – each wasa different color and we’d argue which one we got for that year as soon as the tree decorations came out. thanks for bringing back such a fun memory!

  5. Bride in first pix not same as bride in 4th pix ?? I need more than five words!!

    ps. the last picture is an accipter (a sharp shinned hawk)… A beastly one thinks my bird feeder is a smorgashboard.

  6. Hmmm…I think I had the wrong person picked out in that family photo you posted a while back. Beautiful wedding photo. Very sweet.

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