April PSBIN: Recycling Center

For the past month, my husband and I greatly reduced the amount of trash that went to the landfill. Because our apartment did not come with curbside recycling, yes, we get free trash pickup, but they dont go the extra mile for the planet, we had been badly throwing everything but drinking vessels away. Bad us. Before we left our home planet, he he, we had started recycling with a vengeance, every box and bottle was recycled, and our trash was practically non existent. This month? Same thing.

It makes me really realize how much extra packaging there is in this universe. Our local recycling center, however, takes most glass, reyclable plastic, paper and cardboard, and well I presume they recycle it, I don’t know exactly where it goes, but it makes me feel a LOT better knowing that at least we tried. It was simple: We looked up the recycling center online, found out the hours, and when we could go, we went. We packed all the smaller boxes and bottles inside bigger boxes, and voila, dropped them off to a very friendly dude, who made short work of separating it all out for us. The most I had to do was break down boxes and rinse out jars, and you know, that wasn’t just too hard. Our trash was cut in half, and we feel a TON better about our environment. Awesome!

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