Say Something Saturday – Seuss style

You’re trying to bake a cake from scratch. Everything is going wrong, from having to substitute ingredients to the oven not working properly. (Is it too hot? Too cold? Not level? You decide.)Rhyme it, Dr. Seuss style.Make it as long or short as you want.Make up silly words and have fun with this. Draw a picture to go with it.

The size is wrong of my ingredients: egg;
I burned myself on the leg.
My oven door won’t shut just right;
and the party is tonight!

I hop the net to look and see;
how many powdered eggs would be;
just the right amount to sub;
for my leaking egg-filled glub.

My flour is AP not cake;
why did I ever try to bake;
a specialty super-duper treat;
for my guests so soon to eat?

Ding dong the witch is dead;
pour the cake over top my head;
there went the door bell too soon;
why did I do THIS in June?

Off with my apron, tuck my shirt;
hide the overwhelming hurt;
throw the mess out the back door;
sweep the shells up off the floor.

Pull the tabs up off the lid;
so glad I took the time and hid;
a box of treats from plain view;
pretend I made them, just for you!


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