Commercial conversation…

Isn’t it weird the topics that commercials can bring up? Just last night, my husband slyly asked if an IUD was anything like an IED. I very calmly replied back that perhaps that wouldn’t be the best location for an explosion. Then we both laughed.

Have you seen the commercial we saw? It’s for planned parenthood (promoting IUD’s of course), and those silly 2 rabbits seem to keep multiplying and multiplying, until the screen is just full of baby rabbits. I guess that’s supposed to *imply something?

* hmm the first guess I got made me think that maybe I wrote this entirely wrong. my point was, do they think that people that ‘need’ planned parenthood have a bunch of nookie and thus a bunch of kids? or what? ‘poor people’ multiply like bunnies?

maybe it wasn’t as funny as I thought.. hm…


  1. I got it:
    IUD: to prevent population explosion

    Maybe you should send an IUD in your magazine subscription — so it can intercept all those #*!! babies.

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