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Here’s a question: How would YOU use Custom Photo Cards (link removed) outside of any particular holiday? Cards are ultimately customizable, can be promotional, announcement related, or just for fun.

I would definitely use a photo card, for something other than a holiday, to announce a pregnancy. Come on, think about it, a cute little blob of ‘something’ waving its’ little fingers at the sonogram camera, and that’s how your entire family knows that there won’t just be the two of you anymore. Perfect, right? That way, you can sit back and FIELD all the phone calls instead of making all of them, plus you’ll have a broader reach than perhaps you have phone numbers for. Have a Great Aunt in Oklahoma? Her excitement will reach four people at least before it reaches you, she’ll be THRILLED to be included in on the big announcement, and your little blueberry will be up to it’s ears in home-knitted booties before you know it!

Okay, so maybe that’s not for you, how about this? You get a HUGE promotion at work. You’d love to make a big deal out of it, but tooting your own horn in public is not something you usually do. How about this, create a party announcement and throw yourself a big bash! Make the announcement all about the promotion, and tell everyone that you’d love to spend more time with them before the REAL WORK sets in, and invite them in for a barbecue, house warming for that new home you’ll get with the money, and just invite everyone to celebrate with you!

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