Fun Monday – First Celebrity Crush

Jo is our hostess for Fun Monday. yeah! She wants to know about our first celebrity crush. I wonder if I’ll be alone. I wonder what my husband will think. I bet he won’t be shocked…
Michael J Fox anyone? I was a kid of the 1980’s what do you expect? Click on his name for his foundation, which is striving to fight Parkinson’s disease.


  1. He was very cute and it’s sad about the Parkinson’s but he has done so much to help raise the profile of this disease!

  2. Michael J. Fox star of Family Ties, Back to the Future, and Spin City …what a great choice. He is very cute as well as talented.

  3. Oh gosh I forgot him too. He was lovely. I had a Teenwolf party once where we all watched the film and ate goodies. Mr B’s dad had Parkinson’s disease. It’s a tough one. I’ll pop over to that site.
    Thanks for playing and have a fabulous day.

  4. First post for Michael J. Fox–what a courageous young man and he deserves all the praise and attention he receives. I hope I would carry on as he does, but doubt it.

  5. The first Michael Fox I’ve seen as a crush. How could we all have overlooked him. He and his wife Tracy are a great example of ‘through sickness”

    I’m glad you reminded us!

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