Pretty Nails…

Hey guys, I just have to let you know about this new product, and NO this is not a paid advertisement, it’s something I just found and it worked really well! Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color PEN!!! It’s got a little brush on the end and a click-type end on it, so the polish slowly clicks out until the brush is saturated with color. Then, you use it like a regular pen/marker (although its a brush). I for one had a lot less trouble with getting polish all over the skin on the sides of my nails as it was easier to hold the pen steady and the bristles spread out less. It even worked great on my teeny tiny toenails, and believe me, I’m not kidding, they are TEENY TINY. The polish was a bit pricy (around $7), but the coverage and ease of use was definitely worth it. I only needed one coat. I have no idea how many mani/pedis I can get out of it, but compared to the cheap polish I normally use, it’s a great investment. I got bright pink and orange. So far I used the bright pink and it is a very pretty color for spring/summer sandal season.


  1. I got some of those for Ally a while back. they are nice, but I’m wondering when they are going to branch out with more colors.

  2. Hey…I have teeny tiny toenails too! I will have to check this stuff out. It would be great to be able to paint my toenails without getting polish all over around the nail (especially my pinky toes!).

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