Say Something Saturday #2…

Ami‘s at it again. It’s another Say Something Saturday and it’s a good one. Want to play? Just read the blurb and make up your own answers…… It’s dusk on a warm summer evening. You’re walking down a tree-lined street in a lovely neighborhood. As you pass a lovely two-story house, set back from the street as far as it can be, you see the legs of a child (boy? girl? you decide) hanging down from a tree. Because you’re omnipotent, you know this child has a bouquet of wilted flowers in one hand, a raw egg in the right pants pocket, and is very excited waiting for the neighbors to come home. Why? Why is s/he in the tree? Why does s/he have a raw egg? Is it broken? Whole? What kind of flowers? What happened all day to lead to the child waiting in the tree?

Alex had had a busy day, and couldn’t wait for the neighbors to get home. Alex’s neighbors happen to be an aunt and uncle, who were coming home from the hospital with a new cousin. Alex had never seen a newborn baby, up close, and couldn’t wait for the opportunity. All day long, Alex ran around, exploring the yard, and with grass-stained pants, a snotty nose wiped repeatedly on a shirt sleeve, and a robin’s egg (freshly hatched) in a pocket for safe keeping, Alex pulled some dandelions for a bouquet, and climbed into the tree house awaiting their return.


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